Our Mission

Created in April 2021, Axelys is a non-profit organization whose mission is to contribute to the economic and social prosperity of Quebec by accelerating the development and transfer of high-potential innovations stemming from public research.

Axelys offers consulting and support services in development, intellectual property management and innovation transfer to all public research institutions in Quebec, in all regions.

In particular, we contribute to the creation of scientific companies stemming from public research, while emphasizing innovation with social impact.


Quebec’s ingenuity and creativity
for our future world

Axelys aims to be a thriving and fruitful seedbed of technological, social, and cultural innovation; a pillar of economic and social value creation for Quebec; and a partner of choice for all of Quebec’s public research institutions, entrepreneurs, investors, innovative companies and social communities in all regions. Inspired by the best practices and building on Quebec’s distinctive strengths, we use our expertise and know-how in development and deployment of public research results with rigor, agility, and creativity to forge ahead sustainable inventions and innovative ideas that have the potential to improve the world we live in.

Promising benefits

In real terms, Axelys’ innovative mission translates to:

  • Increasing the productivity and competitiveness of businesses through innovation
  • The creation of innovative businesses and new jobs with high added value
  • Stimulating exports and attracting foreign investment
  • Promoting new ways of living collectively, in society
  • The generation of economic, social, environmental and cultural values

Values to drive forward research in public institutions

Five fundamental values guide the way the Axelys team does things.

Expertise and Excellence

Expertise in terms of resources, and Excellence in our processes, communications and results, , with a focus on best practices and continuous improvement.

Collaboration and Interdisciplinarity

Teamwork, inclusive collaboration with partners, diversity of disciplines and backgrounds.

Sustainable Innovation

So that innovations contribute to creating a better, responsible and sustainable world on economic, social, environmental and cultural levels.

Creativity and Audacity

Solutions and methods that explore uncharted territory.


Ability to act quickly, adopt relevant and flexible methods that foster consistent progress in an ever-changing world.

Governance and Management

To accelerate and facilitate the deployment or commercialization of public research results to society, various stakeholders or industry, Axelys is managed by a team and a board of directors that are as solid as they are seasoned.

In order to build an inventive organization that brings high-potential innovations to society, advisory committees as well as an assessment and investment committee have been set up.

By surrounding ourselves with talented colleagues and committed partners, Axelys gives itself the means to achieve its ambitions to optimize the impact of public research.


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