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If you are an investor driven by innovations with a strong potential for growth or social impact, we have investment opportunities that may be of interest to you.

All innovation projects and startups backed by Axelys are assessed, selected, developed and mentored through a rigorous process involving committees of independent experts.

Identify solid investment opportunities

Innovation projects in development : resulting from the work of partner research institutions. These projects have yet to be matched with sponsors and are ripe for the pre-seed funding of a new business or non-profit organization.

Startups : we provide the opportunity to invest in existing startups with high growth potential. Most of them are spin-offs from research performed by our academic partners, and some are more established than others. Axelys and its collaborators provide close support during their launch phase.

Find out about our process

Leveraging 20 years of experience, Axelys implemented a rigorous process including the assessment, selection, management, and support of innovation projects. Wherever you are located in the province of Quebec, our regional directors are available to help and advise you.

We firmly believe that maximizing the impact of public research for the benefit of Quebec’s economic, industrial and social development relies on the close collaboration of research institutions, professors, researchers and all stakeholders involved in innovation and entrepreneurship.

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