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Bring the outcome of your research and for your creations to society

Are you a researcher, professor or student researcher who has uncovered promising results, created an invention, or developed something that can shape the future?

Axelys’ experts can assist you in the development of your invention and through all the stages of its future deployment and integration into a company or social organization.

Disclose your invention

The first step toward initiating a development project and a transfer of a technological, human or social innovation is to disclose your invention, work or software to your institution’s research office. Your disclosure will be forwarded to Axelys for the purpose of assessing its commercial or societal potential. If the assessment is conclusive, Axelys will get things going. Contact your research office to learn more about the range of services offered by Axelys.

It is of utmost importance to submit your invention disclosure BEFORE publicly showcasing or publishing your invention. Failure to do so might compromise or prevent its patentability and transfer.

Take advantage of funding and grant programs

Axelys is the single organization having access to the technological maturation funding program of the Quebec ministère de l’Économie, de l’Innovation et de l’Énergie.

We can also help researchers to obtain funding from other sources to support the development of a a solution. For example, Axelys can help obtain funds from the “Idea to Innovation (I2I)” grants, which purpose is to accelerate the pre-competitive development of promising technologies originating from universities and colleges and to promote their transfer to a new or established Canadian company.

Other funding and grant programs are also available. Our experts can provide advice and guidance.

Find out about our process

Leveraging 20 years of experience, Axelys implemented a rigorous process including the assessment, selection, management, and support of innovation projects. Wherever you are located in the province of Quebec, our regional directors are available to help and advise you.

We firmly believe that maximizing the impact of public research for the benefit of Quebec’s economic, industrial and social development relies on the close collaboration of research institutions, professors, researchers and all stakeholders involved in innovation and entrepreneurship.

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