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Assess the innovation potential of your research results

Are you a researcher, professor or student researcher who has uncovered promising results that could shape the future?

Axelys’ experts are here to support you at each stage of the development process, so that your research results can shine and generate maximum impact on society.

We transform your research results so that they are deployed to a stakeholder such as a company or a public sector organization.

Several types of research results can be valued, such as:

  • A physical technology, a molecule, a process
  • A software, product, intervention, program or service
  • A guide, method, kit or process
  • A literary or artistic work

Axelys is involved in all areas of public research, such as life sciences, health, engineering, humanities, social sciences, art and literature.

Talk to us about your research results

To begin development and transfer of a technological, human or social innovation project, you must declare your invention, your work or your software to the research office of your institution.

Your declaration will be sent to Axelys for the assessment of commercial or societal potential, either by your innovation broker or your research office. If the assessment turns out to be positive, Axelys’ work begins.

Contact your research office or your innovation broker to learn more about the services Axelys provides.

It is good practise to declare your research results to your research institution before disclosing them publicly (e.g.: scientific publications, conferences, demonstrations to peers). Failure to do so might compromise or prevent its patentability and transfer.

Take advantage of advice, funding and grant programs

We support researchers in identifying the main steps required for the scaling and commercial deployment of their innovation project.

Axelys is the single representative of the technological maturation envelope of the Ministère de l’Économie, de l’Innovation et de l’Énergie [Ministry of Economy, Innovation and Energy].

Other funding or grant programs are available. Our experts are there to guide and advise you.

A network of experts across Quebec

Wherever you are across Quebec, our regional directors, as well as our innovation brokers from our partner institutions, are there to help you promote your research results.

In particular, their role is to identify potential innovations within our partner public research institutions and ensure that you are connected with our team of experts.

Click here to be put in touch with our innovation brokers (in french only).

Find out about our process

Leveraging 20 years of experience, Axelys implemented a rigorous process including the assessment, selection, management, and support of innovation projects. Wherever you are located in the province of Quebec, our regional directors are available to help and advise you.

We firmly believe that maximizing the impact of public research for the benefit of Quebec’s economic, industrial and social development relies on the close collaboration of research institutions, professors, researchers and all stakeholders involved in innovation and entrepreneurship.

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