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Whether you are a researcher, an entrepreneur, an investor, or a representative from a corporation or industry involved in a development or transfer project of an innovation with high economic or social potential, Axelys can help you bring your project to reality.

Axelys’ experts offer a unique experience in Quebec, including consulting services and personalized support to all project sponsors to facilitate the development and transfer to society of innovations stemming from public research.

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A flexible and agile service offering


We help raise researchers’ awareness about the opportunities for commercializing their inventions and creations (market intelligence).


We identify inventions and creations with a high transfer potential.

Assessment and selection

We select high-potential innovations and creations through a rigorous process. For specific phases of funding, we call on an independent specialized assessment committee.

Development stage support

We prepare a development and technology risk reduction plan as well as an intellectual property protection strategy. We also look for financing and strategic partners.

Transfer and deployment

We look for and negotiate transfer agreements with existing national or international companies for them to acquire and deploy the innovations and creations.


Scientific startups

We offer business support for the development of entrepreneurs.


Our process

Leveraging 20 years of experience, Axelys implemented a rigorous process including the assessment, selection, management, and support of innovation projects. Wherever you are located in the province of Quebec, our regional directors are available to help and advise you.


Identification by a public research institution of an invention, a new process, or software, with a high economic or social potential.

Axelys receives the invention disclosures or summaries of creations.


Analysis of the commercial potential and social impact of innovations or new knowledge:

  • Readiness level of the innovation
  • Status of the intellectual property
  • Capacity of the team to develop the innovation
  • Market potential
  • Economic, social, and environmental impacts

Axelys produces an assesment report and provides recommandations to the research institution.


Development of an intellectual property protection strategy: optimization of the value of the innovation or new knowledge

Axelys devises an intellectual property protection strategy.


Writing of an innovation development and risk reduction plan:

  • Innovation development plan with the researcher and his/her research institution
  • Search for strategic partners and funding

Axelys prepares a development plan and identifies one or more financing programs, depending on the needs.


Prospecting existing companies for the commercialization stage or support in launching a startup.

Axelys offers a tailor-made service for the transfer of intellectual property.

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