Creation of a biomanufacturing services platform to boost Quebec expertise and accelerate the development of RNA therapeutics

Axelys and CQDM are proud to announce the creation of the RNA Therapy Development and Production Network, which will offer RNA therapy biomanufacturing services to academic and industrial researchers.

Led by the Institut de recherches cliniques de Montréal (IRCM), McGill University and Université Sherbrooke, this Network is one of the five key initiatives of the mobilizing project on RNA therapies announced on April 30 by the Quebec government. This initiative aims to strengthen the RNA therapy ecosystem in Quebec and propel the province into a position of world leadership in this field.

The network will provide a full range of services, from the initial design of RNA therapies to preclinical-scale production, formulation and delivery. Researchers and companies alike will benefit from cutting-edge expertise to accelerate the development of their most promising RNA therapies, moving them more rapidly towards clinical trials and ultimately benefiting patients. It should be noted that the services offered by this new Network will be complementary to the services offered by Quebec companies, and partnerships are also to be expected.

The Network will be supported by three complementary platforms located at partner institutions:

– RNomics platform at Université de Sherbrooke

– Sidney-Altman therapeutic RNA cluster at IRCM

– RNA Therapeutics Platform at McGill University’s RNA Science Centre.

All the information on this ambitious initiative, as well as on the other initiatives of the mobilizing RNA project announced on April 30, is available on the AReNA website at: