Appointment of Valérie Bonnardel-Vacqué as Vice-President, Business Development and Investments

Axelys is proud to announce the appointment of Valérie Bonnardel-Vacqué as Vice President, Business Development and Investments. This appointment reflects her exceptional commitment to our organization and her significant contribution to our continued growth and success.

Valérie joined Axelys in May 2022 as Senior Director, Business Development. Since June 20, she has been Acting Vice President, Business Development and Investments. Thanks to her leadership and expertise, she has been instrumental in helping us achieve our strategic objectives within the company. Her passion for business development, her keen understanding of markets and the innovation ecosystem in Quebec and, to a greater extent, in Canada, make her the natural choice for this position.

We invite you to join us in warmly congratulating Valérie and wishing her all the best in her new responsibilities. Congratulations once again!

Read Valérie Bonnardel-Vacqué’s biographical notes as Vice-President